Artist Spotlight: Poison the Mermaid

We recently had the pleasure of listening to the powerful new Single “Blowing Smoke” by the on-the-rise alternative-rock sensation “Poison the Mermaid”.

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Poison the Mermaid is an ever-evolving project band and musical brainchild of the brilliantly versatile, renaissance man Geoff Brokos. The alternative-rock genre is one that can often feel uninspired and tired due to the lack of ambition and honesty applied in the songwriting stage. It seems that most current releases within this genre follow the same safe set of rules, explore the same redundant themes, and revolve around the same familiar chord progressions.

Poison the Mermaid’s newest Single “Blowing Smoke” is a wonderful exception to this trend.

Watch the official video here: 

On August 5th, Poison the Mermaid will release their second highly anticipated EP, “Like Berlin”. The EP serves as a 7-song follow up to last year’s 6-song “Reality Broken In Two” EP. The EP will feature the critically acclaimed “Blowing Smoke”.

It is impressive to note that Brooks has taken on the undeniable challenge of being FULLY independent. What I mean by this is that this remarkable artist has taken on the duties of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, AND producer. The audio production exhibited in the freshly released Single is nothing short of spectacular. This is especially remarkable considering the music itself is incredibly dynamic and unrestrained; we imagine this must have been very challenging to mix. Each sound within the Single is uniquely stunning, with each sonic layer given space to breath and evolve. Brokos’ musical prowess shines brilliantly on this track, with this artist quickly proving that he is a wildly talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, and an incredibly accomplished producer. 

Brokos will occasionally invite guest musicians to appear on his recordings. Revered singer and best-selling author Morissa Schwartz will be a featured guest on two tracks on the “Like Berlin” EP. Morissa has been featured on MTV, NBC, and Fox. Keep an eye out, as the duo also have a music video to accompany the highly anticipated song “Shanghai Dawn.”

With independent recording continually growing more affordable and accessible than it ever has been; the industry is quickly becoming over-saturated with hobbyists and fame-seekers. Due to this, it is becoming ever-harder to be noticed within the endless sea of independent noise. The number of new artists entering the industry every day is growing exponentially. With this increase in industry competition, you’d think there would be a “standard” for things you shouldn’t do if you’re trying to become noticed and successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case…in fact, it seems that a vast majority of new artists have taken the lazy route —- copy those whom are more successful than you. You would think that this competitive environment would inspire some artists to go against the grain and carve out their own identity, but this is too often not the case.

This is precisely what makes Poison the Mermaid such a standout act. Through his project band, Brokos defiantly flexes his own unique identity and distinct sound. 

Geoff Brokos is currently based in Northern Virginia, and will begin performing solo acoustic shows this Fall. Following the string of solo shows, Geoff is planning a casting call for musicians for full-band shows to begin in Spring 2018. Interested musicians can contact Geoff on the band’s website:

“Like Berlin” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify on August 5th.

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