Featured Artist: Across the Board

Genre: Alt Pop Rock
Location: Toronto, Canada

Their Story: 
​Across The Board (ATB) is an award-winning Canadian alt pop/rock band of multi-instrumentalist musicians with over 300 Youtube videos, debut album, a concept EP and now a second full length album, SONIC BOOM, slated for release May 4
th, 2018, who seamlessly combine creative talents to push their pop-rock sounds to the edge of the rock ‘n roll envelope with harmonious power vocals and catchy electric guitar riffs.

Forged from garage jams and basement Youtube sessions, “Across The Board” finally broke out of the internet box with their debut album “Jane On Fire” in 2016, earning the band critical acclaim for the single “Indifference” which also became their first track to hit the FM radio waves and win an international independent music award.

ATB’s second record, the EP “AMENDS”, was released in 2017 as a concept album centered around the theme of facing one’s demons and resentments in order to break free of the restraints of past mistakes. The first single,” Don’t Drag Me Down” was featured on the International Women’s Day website, and continues to receive airplay on US College Radio, internet and terrestrial FM radio in Canada and internationally including Australia, South America, Asia and Europe.

ATB was featured at Canadian Music Week in 2017, and toured across Canada from coast-to-coast by rail to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. ATB also toured Newfoundland and Vancouver in the summer of 2017 with the EP AMENDS and will be touring Canada again this summer with their newest full length album SONIC BOOM.

Founding Members:

Jacqueline Auguste, lead vocalist and songwriter for Across The Board, comes from a concert and stage band background and plays multiple instruments from sax to flute to guitars and keys.

Andy Ramjattan: bass guitarist Andy, comes from a drumming background and took up bass once the band moved from the internet world out into live performances.


Support Musicians:

Jessica Speziale on backing vocals

Ben Healey on electric guitar

Martin Heller on keys

Kurt Dickson on drums.

Most Recent Release:

Award-winning Canadian rock band, Across The Board (ATB), releases their newest
album “SONIC BOOM” – an eight track collection of infectious pop rock songs that
chronicle the breaking of a rock band and the highs and lows along the journey to
success. This is ATB’s second full length album, on the heels of their EP “AMENDS”
and cross-Canada tour this past year. Produced and recorded in Toronto by MC2 Music
Media, the album pays homage to the determination and drive it takes to achieve
success as a band, and doesn’t fail to tell the truth about the rejection and indifference
that can plague such a path.

CONTACT: mgmt@acrosstheboardband.ca

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Youtube: http://youtube.com/atbmusiccanada

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