Featured Artist: Oliver Laughton

Genre: Acoustic Live Performer

Location: UK

Oliver Laughton has become notorious in London’s live music scene for his unpredictable, high energy, superbly unique, and unorthodox acoustic performances. With his brilliant fusion of genres, and refusal to fit in any specific mold, Oliver Laughton has earned his spot playing along side a growing list of impressive artists including; Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Pete Doherty, and Amy Winehouse. Oliver Laughton has proven that his exceptional stage presence is one that competes with the established giants in the industry.

Perhaps even more refreshing is the fact that Oliver Laughton is supported on stage by only himself and his acoustic guitar. Having played hundreds (if not thousands) of live gigs, Oliver Laughton has found himself on stage at some of the most prestigious venues around the world. Notably, Oliver Laughton has played highly acclaimed shows at the renowned Park Stage of Glastonbury, as well as the famed main stage of the Viper Room on L.A’s Sunset Boulevard.

Less concerned with perfection, and more focused on providing an amazing experience for fans; Oliver Laughton has gained a remarkable following for his emotive and engaging live performances. Many have described Oliver Laughton as a rejuvenating and unrelenting ball of raw energy in his live acts. Due to his undeniable knack for writing and performing catchy and appealing songs, Laughton has gained the striking reputation as an unforgettable artist that is currently rewriting the live music rulebook.

Not one to stray away from any challenge, Oliver Laughton makes it his mission to make every show he plays memorable for everyone involved. Oliver Laughton describes this goal in his own words, “Putting up a damn good show enough to reveal the heart and soul of my music is the purpose for every stage performance I feature. I let myself loose to achieve this, I help the audience, no matter how challenging, they are to loosen up and have as much fun as possible.”

Aside from his live performances, Oliver Laughton also has a growing catalog of infectious recorded material. Best described as being personal, soulful, and brilliantly written with the pop sensibility of mainstream appeal; Oliver Laughton proves that he can craft emotional tunes with insanely catchy and anthemic choruses that you can’t shake from your head.

Check out one of Oliver Laughton’s first original compositions entitles “Natural”, that was curiously recorded in the Grand Hall of a colossal Country house.

Oliver Laughton showcases his vocal prowess and impressive range in the short but beautifully impactful “What I Need”.


Oliver Laughton is a breathe of fresh air for both avid music lovers, as well as seekers of fun and unpredictable experiences. With his legendary one man acoustic show, this artist proves that sometimes just a man and his acoustic guitar is the perfect escape from the fast and exhausting pace of the digitized world.


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