Indie Interview Series: Oliver Laughton

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing acclaimed singer-songwriter, and notorious live performer Oliver Laughton. Oliver Laughton has become notorious in London’s live music scene for his unpredictable, high energy, superbly unique, and unorthodox acoustic performances. With his brilliant fusion of genres, and refusal to fit in any specific mold, Oliver Laughton has earned his spot playing along side a growing list of impressive artists including; Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Pete Doherty, and Amy Winehouse. Oliver Laughton has proven that his exceptional stage presence is one that competes with the established giants in the industry.

Oliver Laughton showcases his vocal prowess and impressive range in the short but beautifully impactful “What I Need”.

I love how you manage to render your tracks so personal and organic. Does the melody come first, or do you focus on the beat the most?

Answer: The melody always comes first. Sometimes a song and tune will literally pop into my mind and I’ll immediately jump to my recording desk and record whatever I have, sometimes it’s the unfinished song as a whistle, or even a hum, ideas are fleeting..

Whatever it is, whenever it arrives.. I must record the melody… Otherwise it’s gone and forgotten. Then once I know I have something awesome… I’ll spend time on the lyrics, harmonies, guitar parts and finally the bpm.

I’ve been known to record catchy tunes at crazy hours of the morning… Like my latest creation that I decided to record at around 3.45am..much to my neighbours dismay 🙂


Do you perform live? If so, do you feel more comfortable on a stage or within the walls of the recording studio?

Answer: Live is where it’s at for me, nothing beats the atmosphere of a packed gig. I’m a Dad, I’m enjoying a little more studio time. It helps me to unwind after all that Power Rangers, Peppa Pig and hot wheels sessions.


If you could only pick one song to make a “first impression” on a new listener, which song would you pick and why?

Chinchilla. It’s a complete smorgasbord of about 15 styles of music all in one track.


What does it take to be “innovative” in music?

Answer: Playing from the heart, creating music organically and never being influenced by any song, artist or genre.


Any upcoming release or tour your way?

Watch this space.. That’s all I can say.


Anywhere online where curious fans can listen to your music and find out more about you?

YouTube,, soundcloud… It’s all there.


Keep an eye out for Laughton in the London live music scene and be sure to check him out on:




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