Indie Interview Series: Saint Mars (Part Two)

Saint Mars– the UK alt-rock powerhouse– has been taking the indie music scene by storm ever since their explosive 2017 debut with the critically acclaimed “Ocean Blues” EP. The band is the brainchild of highly revered singer/keyboardist Marc Darcange and features an impressive roster of contributing musicians such as Angelo Bruschini (guitars – Massive Attack ; Blue Aeroplanes) and Jason X (bass, keyboards, vocals – Transposer).


Can you discuss the band’s incredible musical chemistry ?

Angelo Bruschini: Again interesting, Marc sends a keyboard idea then I put a spanner in the works, then send it back, Marc then works on it with other musicians, and sends it back to me, I mess with it again then send it back. You get the idea it’s a long distance relationship. Funny I have not even met some of the other musicians !

Marc Darcange: I think our chemistry is due to the fact we all have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We all are producers in a certain way. Jason is an amazing guy, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, able to make a whole album from A to Z. He always comes with new ideas and I know when he writes a track it’s going to be good, and it’s such a relief to be able to work with somebody like him. Angelo is an incredible musician, guitar and bass player and he’s got also that producer’s touch. I consider myself as an architect and I try to have the broadest vision possible on all aspects of the project, music, image, business, etc. Tryzdin has deeply evolved since the first time I met him in October 2017. He’s become more confident, has started to write his own songs and lyrics and has also his own vision of music. He doesn’t know very much about artists and music trends of the past, which is a good thing, because it forces us to stay current and adopt a modern sound !

It appears that the band has adapted to the ever-evolving digital music age beautifully. How do you see the industry further evolving, and how do you think this will affect your creative process in the future? Would operating under a traditional label contract add any barriers or complications to how the band collaborates now? Would it ease any of the band’s struggles? Are you currently seeking any label support?

Angelo: I think the next step digitally is being able to play all over the world at the same time together which is not possible at the moment but its coming, but overall the end result will be dancers, video, live band touring this project, as you know Tryzdin is only thirteen so that presents its own problem, also his family have never left America before !

Marc Darcange: we are expanding and want a bigger exposure. So a full-fledge label support will be necessary within the next years. I see that as an opportunity to truly collaborate towards a common goal…It’s certainly not like in the past when you were signed for one million dollars and the label did everything for you. It’s a new paradigm where I see artist and label as real partners. So we are opened to propositions !

Can you discuss any challenges the band faces ?

Angelo Bruschini: To get us all in the same room !…. “Listeners get out of it”

I think the idea is that each song has an identity whether it be sadness, joy, bullying, or just plain funny! But the glue that holds it all together is that the same musicians play in a certain way, so although we are not all together the music has an identity. I hope that the songs will resonate and can be felt as an honest heart warming story. That’s Music!

Marc Darcange: yes, getting everybody in the same room is really the challenge !…

Apart from that, we all come from different cultural backgrounds: I was raised in the French part of Switzerland, Jason is Welsh, Angelo comes from an Italian family based in Bristol, Tryzdin comes from the Columbus suburb and belongs to a much younger generation… Given those differences, it’s surprising what we are able to achieve anything together. Specially with Tryzdin: we really come from two different worlds/generations that were not supposed to meet. And we have achieved together in just 6 months really blows my mind. It is certainly due to the fact that despite all our differences, we have a lot in common, specially our passion for music and the same kind of state of mind/energy: sincerity, authenticity, wanting to touch people’s hearts, not really driven by the idea of making money in the first place. Somehow Tryzdin is unusual and he may get along with artists like us better than other boys of his age. He has other values and sources of interest, which may explain why he has been bullied so much. I remember I was having the same kind of problem at the same age…and that thought that suddenly came to my mind when I was 16: ” F***, I have no friends ! “

What do you hope for listeners to get out of your music ?

Jason X: I personally think that we’re a very emotional band musically. I would like people to listen to us and feel something – whether is sadness, euphoria and anything in between. Our music is meant to touch you 🙂

Marc Darcange: For me, it is really to invite people to a music journey, emotionally…I want people to immerse themselves in the music, hence certainly the constant reference to seas and oceans (” Ocean Blues “, ” I Am the Sea “, ” The Pacific State “)…Tryzdin: I hope listeners will find an escape through my music because I know life can be extremely hard sometimes and that’s what my music is here to help with.

Best places to connect with you online/discover more music ?

Marc Darcange: we are pretty active on Facebook (Saint Mars Official), Instagram, Soundcloud and Youtube. People can connect to our website ( for more information. Also, our two EPs can be found on all internet platforms (Spotify, iTunes, AppleMusic, CDBaby, etc.).

What does the future hold for Saint Mars? When can we expect to see a full-fledged tour?

Marc Darcange: First, we’ll finish our album: I want it to be somehow fresh, brief and emotional; and then we would love to tour !…Obviously we live in different locations, so that’s a real challenge, but at the same time, the band’s layout is so unusual that we may attract a real audience for this reason alone !

But I’ve been thinking about coming up with something out of the ordinary: a musical !  That would be a perfect way to express the ideas behind the album: we’ve got an story with a strong meaning, we’ve got great songs, we’ve got with Tryzdin someone who really lives this music and who has been the victim of bullying… To tell the truth, he’s at least as good as an actor as he is as a singer ! The role of a bullied young boy in a musical is just tailored for him.

It seems a truly ambitious project at first. But when you consider all we’ve said, it would totally make sense to go that road and I feel we’ll have other people willing to follow us. Looking back at what we’ve done until now, nothing is impossible.

Anything else you’d like to discuss ?

Marc Darcange: the “Somewhere Somebody ” single has been out for three weeks and we are really overwhelmed by the feedback we’re receiving…we’ve gained tons of new fans, specially in the States but also in the UK, France, Italy… It seems that the song really touches people’s heart and that was the goal. Also I feel that Tryzdin and his family are really proud and thankful for what we’re doing with him and they are very supportive. To have their approval and support is for me the most important thing and really justify all the efforts we’ve made to make it happen.

But we are expanding and are willing to reach a larger audience. We have a special sound, now even more because we have such a young singer involved, and it may take time to get where we want to go. But at the same time, I feel it is the only way because we don’t want to sound like any other band we hear on the radio. I’m confident it will pay in the long run.

We are preparing something big for the summer. A new song and video with a special guest, to be shot in the Swiss mountains. We can’t wait to share this new stuff with our fans.

We deeply appreciate Saint Mars taking their time to answer our questions thoughtfully. The “Somewhere Somebody” EP showcases unique instrumentation, powerful arrangements, and stellar songwriting that are undeniably alluring and captivating. These remarkable qualities are precisely why Saint Mars has become a hot band to cover in numerous recognizable publications on the net. Initial impressions of the EP prove that this band certainly shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We are eagerly awaiting what SAINT MARS does next!

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